How amazing it is to get an inquiry that you are so excited about that you tear up a little bit! That was my exact reaction with Jaime first contacted me to photograph her 10 year vow renewal. You see, I first started following Jaime a LONG time ago back when I was just starting out in photography, I loved her work and admired her images! Needless to say it was so amazing for it to come full circle and have her hire me as their vow renewal and family photographer! Back when I started following her on instagram, I didn’t realize why I was so drawn to her work, and now I realize that it’s partly because she shoots film! And how fun that we are both Livermore photographer!

Jaime and I met up on a sunny afternoon to chat about her plan for the vow renewal, since it was a surprise for her hubby Will! She planned to invite their close friends and community here in CA, since their families live far far away. It was so sweet that she thought to invite all of them, since none of them were at their actual wedding 10 years ago- they hadn’t even met any of them yet! She told me about how she was planning on telling Will that they were having some family photos done and then have him be surprised when he arrived to see all their friends awaiting them. We talked film, sipped sparkling water, and I left so excited to be chosen to capture such an amazing and romantic moment!

You see- as a photographer I often get to photograph weddings and the START of love between two people, but to get to photograph that same love, that has changed and evolved but all the while stayed true after 10 years is even more special! Because marriage takes work, it’s fun and beautiful, but it’s not always easy.

Okay, off my marriage soapbox, we arrived and I took some fun family photos of the 5 of them and then we headed down the path. They got to a point where Will saw a friend of his and was so surprised to see that more friends were awaiting them at the top of the hill, with a concert Violinist playing some tunes for them to arrive to. Jaime then explained to Will what was happening and he was amazed. They walked down the aisle and a few friends said a few words, they renewed their vows and then they celebrated! With an ice chest full of Prosecco and boxed full of Top Knot Baking Shoppe scones, they joined their friends and all of their children played as the sun sank into the sky!

It was the MOST beautiful depiction of community and it had me planning a 10 year vow renewal for us in 5 years, ha! 😉

P.S. Jaime is the savvy mind behind Bringing Inspiration Home, an AMAZING business that you should definitely check out!