This may be a few weeks late, but I took some time to look back and reflect on 2017 and all that it had in store for me, here are my “Top 10” of the year! 


I finally got around to shooting film!! It was one of my goals for 2017 and I had been wanting to get into shooting film for a while but never did until this year! I loved really taking the time to choose my shot and learning the process of how to expose the film in order to enable little to no post-processing. I’ll definitely be continuing to shoot film in 2018!!

Livermore_Wedding_Photogrpaher-245 Livermore_Engagement_Photographer-15 Hidden_Valley_Music_Seminars_Carmel_Wedding_Photographer-177 Pleasanton-Wedding_Photographer-13 Home_Sweet_Home_Cottage_Paso_Robles_Wedding_Photographer-124 Home_Sweet_Home_Cottage_Paso_Robles_Wedding_Photographer-20

Walnut_Creek_Engagement_Photographer-4 Ravenswood_Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-11Sunol_Engagement_Photographer-176


We photographed weddings in Paso Robles, Sonoma, Carmel, Hollister, the East bay and of course we had a San Francisco Wedding. It was such a fun year of being a San Francisco Wedding Photographer once again, and a Bay Area wedding photographer too!

Home_Sweet_Home_Cottage_Paso_Robles_Wedding_Photographer-27 Leal_Vineyards_Hollister_Wedding_Photographer-24 Diablo_Ranch_Walnut_Creek_Wedding_Photographer-77 Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-11 Ramekins_Culinary_School_Sonoma_Wedding_Photographer-100 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-2 2


I was pregnant for every single wedding.. from the nausea of the first trimester (thank you preggo pops!!), to the bliss of lots of energy in the second trimester, to the exhaustion.. swollen feet.. and sciatica of the third trimester.


Sunol_Wedding_Photographer Paso_Robles_Wedding_Photographer-1


We spent another year shooting wedding as a husband and wife team!! On a more personal note we decided to send Spencer to go back to school to complete a teaching credential, and he made a huge career change to being a special education teacher!

Bay Area Wedding Photographer





I got to meet lots of fur babies during my sessions and weddings.. which is a total dream come true for this lady who can’t have a dog just yet (thank you landlord…)

Ravenswood_Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-9 Livermore_Senior_Portrait_Photographer-3 Dublin_Engagement_Photographer-1 Livermore_Engagement_Photographer-5 2


I got to cross signing as a witness off my bucket list with a super darling City Hall Elopement (they came all the way from Washington to get married at San Francisco City Hall!!), and during that session we also got ourselves onto an Australian TV show, talk about a double whammy!!

San_Francisco_City_Hall_Elopement_Photographer-9 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Elopement_Photographer-41


We shot multiple weddings that were 100+ degrees, it was what felt like the hottest (and longest) summer ever! But thanks to my trusty Hydroflask water bottle, and super awesome couples, we made it through! 😉

Diablo_Ranch_Walnut_Creek_Wedding_Photographer-58 Vallejo_Wedding_Photographer-47 Diablo_Ranch_Walnut_Creek_Wedding_Photographer-125


I developed a better work/life balance!! I stopped checking emails all the time and stuck to more rigid business hours, and feel like I benefited form it tenfold. I was so much more present where I was instead of looking forward to the next thing! (there’s no photos to represent this one.. but here’s some pretty pictures anyways)

Sausalito Engagement Photographer

Walnut_Creek_Engagement_Photographer-12 Ramekins_Culinary_School_Sonoma_Wedding_Photographer-32 Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-17 Livermore_Engagement_Photographer-34 Home_Sweet_Home_Cottage_Paso_Robles_Wedding_Photographer-134


I Had a baby!! (Okay this one is really personal, but how could I not include it?! Just look at how darling she is!!)

Rachel Howden Photography-1-2 Rachel Howden Photography-3 Rachel Howden Photography-6 Rachel Howden Photography-4


I hung out with so many amazing clients.. from families to engaged couples, I loved getting to know each and every person who sent me and email, met with me for coffee, and who stood in front of my camera! 2017 was an amazing year that was filled with so many highlights, and I can’t wait for what 2018 has in store!

Hidden_Valley_Music_Seminars_Carmel_Valley_Wedding_Photographer-51 Diablo_Ranch_Walnut_Creek_Wedding_Photographer-32 Home_Sweet_Home_Ranch_Paso_Robles_Wedding_Photographer-88 Livermore_Engagement_Photographer-26 Pleasanton_Wedding_Photographer-153 Ramekins_Culinary_School_Sonoma_Wedding_Photographer-64 Ramekins_Culinary_School_Sonoma_Wedding_Photographer-16 Ramekins_Culinary_School_Sonoma_Wedding_Photographer-132 Ravenswood_Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-61 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Engagement_Photographer-36 Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-177 San_Francisco_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-2 Sunol_Regional_Wilderness_Pleasanton_Engagement_Photographer-19 Vallejo_Wedding_Photographer-1 Treasure_Island_San_Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-80 Walnut_Creek_Engagement_Photographer-41 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Engagement_Photographer-3 San_Francisco_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photographer-26 Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-112 Livermore_Senior_Portrait_Photographer-15 Livermore_Engagement_Photographer-18 Livermore_Wedding_Photographer-166 Pleasanton_Wedding_Photographer-139 Hidden_Valley_Music_Seminars_Carmel_Valley_Wedding_Photographer-100 Ramekins_Culinary_School_Sonoma_Wedding_Photographer-119 Sunol_Engagement_Photographer-8 Walnut_Creek_Engagement_Photographer-24

Alright folks, that’s a wrap!! Thank you to everyone who scrolled through this post, supported me this year, and who has trusted me with your most special moments! *Cue happy tears*