Thank you for your interest in learning more from me about photography and business! I am so thrilled that you desire to learn and grow in your career, and that you’re seeking out the resources to help you get there.

I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years now, and in that time I’ve learned and grown so much:

From starting out as a wedding photographer to transitioning to a family and newborn photographer. 

From shooting digital to shooting film. 

From marketing through social media to marketing through my website and SEO. 

From having no kids to having 2 little ones

My life and business have changed and transformed so much over the years, and I’ve learned so much along the way! I’m available to share all that knowledge with you through 1:1 mentorships and other education resources. 


Quick 1:1 video call

40 minutes of time together to chat and cover any topic you wish

This package is great for a quick discussion about balancing work and home life, discussing how to transition your business, or a portfolio review with some tips. 


Long 1:1 meetup (video call or in person)

90 minutes of time together to chat and cover any topic you wish

This package is great for: a full website review, editing help, help transitioning & learning how to shoot film. 

*Add on additional 30 minute calls for $350 each.


1:1 session collaboration and meetup

Want to see how I approach a session? First, we’ll decide about what type of session you want to photograph (motherhood, family, or in-home lifestyle). You can learn alongside me for 1 hour as I show you how I would photograph the session and give you advice all along the way. We’ll talk about posing, camera settings (for either film or digital). This is the best way to have a “hands on” approach and further your knowledge of photography.


This package is perfect for those wanting to learn more about posing, in-home photography, or shooting film.

Package includes:
40 minute photography session alongside Rachel & 40 minute debrief or meeting beforehand 


Seo and Blog review (90 minutes)

Even if you’re not a photographer I’d love to help you grow your business! We’ll chat about your current website, and how you can improve it. Blogging and SEO is one of the best ways to grow your business in a hands-off way. We’ll write a blog post together, and plan out blog post topics for the future that you can pull from. You’ll walk away with all the knowledge to consistently grow your business outside of Social Media.


Mentorship topics include but are certainly not limited to:

-Portfolio & website review

-Workflow review

-Film Photography (you don’t have to shoot film for us to work together though!)

-Natural Posing

-In-home sessions

-Successful mini session days

-Work life balance

-How to grow your business and still put your family first

-Marketing outside of social media

-Blogging and SEO

-Finding your “why” and what success looks like to you

-And any other topic you can think of!

My desire in every mentorship is to help you become the best photographer and business owner that you can possibly be! From the nitty gritty to the artsy stuff, we can chat about anything and everything.