A few weekends ago, S and I headed on a little road trip up to Fort Bragg, we both had never been there before, and we wanted a last hurrah before S started up school again. Plus we were dying to break in our new tent, and we both love a good camping adventure. It was so gorgeous, cloudy, and the sea mist was such a nice break from the 100+ heat we had back home. We hiked along the coast to the sea glass beach (one of the most amazing things i’ve seen, and it was on my photography bucket list!), walked around downtown Mendocino, sipped coffee, had the best breakfast at the Good Life Cafe, made campfires, ate smores, and relaxed. This trip reminded me that I need to break out my camera more often, sometimes I forget that I tend to document other peoples lives more than my own. It also re-kindled the excitement of documenting nature, since lately i’ve been so focused on documenting pretty faces. So my Mid-October resolution is to document my personal life more, even when S says “Are you really gonna carry that camera with you all day?”. Do yourself a favor and head up to Fort Bragg if you ever get a chance, it’s such a cozy little town! XO

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