Front Porch with vines growingIf you’re reading this, you’re probably either in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.. Or you’re past it (hello future selves). Here in the Bay Area we’ve been ordered to “shelter in place” since Monday evening, and the entire state of California was just ordered to shelter in place Thursday night. To be completely honest, i’m sick of hearing all the bad news and have been looking for ways to find good news and joy amongst all of this craziness. So I thought I would write a quick blog post about 4 things that have been highlights for me this past week. Although none of them involve being a bay area baby photographer, maybe you can take some of them and do them yourself!

I’ve tried to give myself things to look forward to each day, this has been helpful to wake up and be excited for something small that will happen. So here’s a little list of the things that have made this past week on lockdown a little more bearable for me. 

1. A hike and a favorite coffee. It’s been wonderful that small businesses are still open to give us a little normalcy amongst all this craziness. One morning we all stopped by our favorite local coffee shop, Story Coffee, and grabbed coffee to go! We drove to Del Valle and went on a little hike in the sunshine and it was such a breath of fresh air, literally!

2. Baking! I used to bake all of the time, and loved trying out new recipes. Once Eliza came along I just didn’t have much free time left between moming, working, and trying to take care of myself too. This past week at home with rainy weather has allowed time to bake, and it’s been so fun! I made this Lemon Poppyseed Bread and even let Eliza help me.

3. Time to work. I feel like there’s never enough time for me to get all the work done that I want to. Being a mama of a little one and working from home is so challenging, and oftentimes I end up getting only the really important work done. Having Spencer home has allowed me to get work done everyday, and most of that work has been work I usually wouldn’t get to. I’ve been busy doing keyword research for SEO, writing blogs, and dreaming up new ideas for my business. A blog post about what i’ve used this time for is coming your way soon too!

4. Technology. I keep thinking about how different this would all be without technology. In some ways, things might be less stressful- less constant streaming of news and information. But i’ve really chosen to be thankful for technology and how it has shaped this time for me! Even though I cannot attend yoga class, my yoga studio has released online videos so i’ve been able to do yoga at home. There have been a few days where I planned to go on a long walk and then do some yoga afterward and they have been so refreshing!

Hopefully this list can help you some, whether you’re going crazy for things to do during this time of being at home. Or maybe you want to make a list of your own to find some silver linings amongst all of this. Either way, I hope you’re inspired to make lemonade out of lemons! 


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