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I’ve decided to start this little mini series called “When Is”. It’s going to be a series of blog posts that are all about when is the best time to do something. Obviously all of these will pertain to Photography and right here is the first installment of this series. The question I’m answering today is: When is the best time to take newborn photos? This is a question that I get asked often when clients are looking through potential Bay Area newborn photographers. And depending on the photographer you’ll get a different answer to this question. 

The best time to take newborn photos can depend a lot on what type of newborn photographer you’re looking for. If you’ve spent anytime around here on my website, or Instagram you’ll see that I am what most people consider a lifestyle newborn photographer. That means I don’t rely heavily on props for my images. I pose babies naturally on a surface like a bed, couch or chair. And the main focus of my newborn sessions is to take images of a baby with mom and dad and the rest of the family. 

Because I am the type of photographer, the timing of your session is very flexible. I generally advise clients that I like to book these sessions for somewhere around the two week old window. By that time I feel like you’ve had enough time to settle in as a family, and you’re probably feeling a little bit more like yourself. But your baby is still young enough to get that darling little newborn feel to photos. Although, I will say that this timing is completely flexible. Usually I get a tentative date on the calendar for my clients that can always be moved. Dates often get moves for things like: baby coming early or late, or maybe you’re just not feeling like yourself yet and you need to have a little more time to regroup before you want those family photos done.

So, all of that being said, the best time to take your newborn photos is somewhere around the two week window to the one month window. Scheduling anything after one month will give a different feel to photos. Your baby will be a bit bigger and probably be more awake for photos.  These things aren’t deal-breakers at all, and I have done plenty of sessions around one month old and they’re always so sweet! 

I hope that this post helps you get answers to some questions that you may have had. And stay tuned for more in this series of “When is?”

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