This post is part of the “When Is” series. Although I do understand that it doesn’t start with the when is, but rather it starts with: What is? I feel like it’s still along the same lines though. Questions that I think a lot of people have about the different types of photography sessions that I offer. So today I’m going to chat all about what a motherhood photography session is. And why you might want to book me as your film motherhood photographer. Maybe you’ve heard the term thrown around or maybe you have never even heard it before. And maybe you’re even wondering why the heck would I take motherhood photos

A motherhood session really is exactly what it sounds like: a photo session that focuses on you as a mother. It’s a session centered all around you and your beautiful children and always ends up with gorgeous photos of you all together. Motherhood sessions can be booked standalone, I offer them all year round just like I offer any other type of session. I do sometimes offer a motherhood pop up in the spring, as a little ode to Mother’s Day. You can find more info about this years pop-ups here.

Now to answer why a motherhood session matters! Why should you take motherhood photos? I truly believe that motherhood photos are some of the most beautiful photos you will ever take. We spend so much of our days and our lives with our children yet we are often the ones that are not in those images with our children. These sessions allow you time to focus on getting some beautiful smiling at the camera photos. But also to get those darling candids that you often take of everybody else with your kids. You know the ones I’m talking about: The ones of you flying your toddler in the air or your sleepy little newborn snuggled in your arms, or maybe your older child just snuggled next to you sitting on the ground.

I commend mothers that make a point to get in the images with their children. Maybe your husband isn’t a fan of family photos. So you decide to do a motherhood session instead of family photos this year. Maybe you just want some photos of just you and your children because you often feel like you’re the one taking all the photos. For whatever reason there may be, these are some of my favorite sessions to photograph: motherhood on film. 

Keep on scrolling below to see some of my favorite images from motherhood sessions in the past. They really are so sweet and I adore them so much!


Rachel Howden Photography is a family photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in family, newborn, baby, motherhood, and maternity photography in the Bay Area. Including Livermore, Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Jose, Fremont, and Pleasanton. This session focuses on Rachel as a film motherhood photographer. 

These photos help you to have a little sneak peek into what you will receive if you have me as your family, newborn, maternity, or motherhood photographer in San Francisco. If you want to see a full gallery from a session please don’t hesitate to ask- i’d love to share one with you! Are you interested in booking a session or learning more about sessions with Rachel? Contact me HERE.

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