I’m starting a new thing that I’m calling the monthly musterings! It’s a blog post that’s dedicated to, what else, but other blog posts. Yes, you can laugh. But it’s a great one-stop post to see what I’ve posted in the past month. You can think of it as a launching pad of sorts. It will have a few of my favorite photos from each session in it! So it serves as a way to see favorites from this Oakland Family Photographer. I’ll try to limit the images in the post, although that may be hard to do since I usually have so many good family photos to share!

I’m thinking that I might even start doing more mustering posts.. Like posts that focus on specific categories of sessions. Maybe one for my favorite recent maternity images, or newborn images. I think this will be a great way to showcase my Oakland Family Photographer portfolio in a new way. And it’s a big plus that you, as the viewer, will have to do less clicking to see some beautiful images! 

In these posts I’ll chat about some of my favorite images and why I love them, and maybe some key things I loved about the sessions. This right here is my first, feel free to read on! Or if you don’t want to read but instead just want to feast your eyes on some beautiful images. You’re more than welcome to scroll on through and do that instead. Whatever you fancy! The world is your oyster! You do you! (You get the point..)