What a joy it is to capture milestones in individuals lives, just like Lizzy in the closing of her senior year of high school! Lizzy is a senior at Granada High, and she wanted to take some photos for graduation announcements and for fun, because duh- getting dressed up, doing your makeup, and taking pictures is always a good time!

We headed to one of my favorite spots for her High School Senior Photos in Livermore. The setting sun provided the most beautiful golden light for her session! She brought a few outfits for her senior photos, which I loved! I always love a mix of casual, dressy, and of course we ended the session with her letterman jacket and jeans, which is her “everyday” look! She brought her pom poms since she’s on the cheer team, and it was fun to incorporate those into the photos as well!

Lizzy’s session sent me reminiscing on how I graduated highschool 9 years ago (was it really that long ago??) and what it was like to be nearing the final days in your hometown. The excitement and nervousness of leaving all that you’ve ever known behind for a new fresh beginning, often where no one knows who you are or has any preconceived thoughts of you is such a beautiful thing! What a turning point in life it is, to go out on your own and pave your own way at college. And knowing that you are finally done with highschool is so exciting in and of itself.