As a photographer, sometimes your clients hold onto you- this isn’t always the case, I get that new photographers come along and maybe your style changes (and mine does too!). But when those clients do hold onto you and hire you year after year it’s so special! Not only it is special to see their family change and their kiddos grow- but it’s so special that someone who hired me when I was just starting my business now still chooses me! That’s exactly the case for the Shaw family- I’ve photographed them for FOUR YEARS now and it is always such a fun time!

They booked one of my mini sessions this past fall, which are always a great option if you’re looking for a short and sweet session to get updated pictures of your little family! They’re just long enough to get that “one good shot”, you know for a Christmas card or to frame and hang in your home..

It’s been so fun to talk with Lauren over the years and hear about what their family is up to lately all the while taking their family photos! Their 3 kids are so sweet and their daughter strikes the best poses for pictures. I wish all kids were as excited as her to have their picture taken. It’s always a joy to be chosen as their Livermore Family Photographer, and to see their darling outfits and fun kids!