It was so fun to take some family photos for the Schweickert family this past fall in Livermore! They booked a spot at my annual Livermore mini family sessions and i’m so glad that I got to meet them! This sweet family was referred to me by a family-friend. It turns out that after talking with them at their session they actually work with and know my Father in Law.. such a small world!

I really loved their outfit choices for both them, as the parents, and their kiddos! It was such a perfect mix of neutrals and fun pops of color. Their little ones were so good in front of the camera, and of course they smiled with the bribe of a lollipop at the end! We shot at one of my favorite locations in Livermore and I love how it photographed for their morning session. The dappled morning light shimmered through the trees creating a perfect backdrop for photos.

Since starting to photograph more families i’ve started to gravitate towards shooting in the morning hours, although that afternoon golden light is still so beautiful. The morning is a more convenient time for those with little ones. Plus, the morning light can be just as beautiful if you choose the right location with the proper amount of shade, since lighting can get harsh quickly at the start of the day.

Keep following along for more of my mini sessions from last fall, i’ll be holding more this coming fall. And I am even thinking of possibly doing some spring ones too! 🙂