I posted last week about how I got to photograph the Aho family while they were vacationing in Pebble Beach, and part of the session I got to do just for Brooke + Tony! It’s always such an honor when another photographer asks me to photograph them, there’s really is no better compliment that I could get. So when we finished up with the Aho family photos, the rest of the family headed back to their beach house and Spencer and I hung around to take photos of this amazing couple!!

Brooke and Tony knocked it out of the park with their Pebble Beach Photos– their photos are so romantic, and they wore the best soft neutral colors for photos on the beach. They were so affectionate, and you can feel their connection through the way they look at each other. We spent time laughing, shooting, and they lounged on the white sandy beach. It was so fun to take some engagement style photos for them while they were in California!

Photographing Brooke and Tony made all of my foggy beach sessions come true, with the sandy cliffs and crystal blue waters. To the houses in the distance and their sweet connection and love, it was an honor to meet them and I wish they didn’t live so far away because hanging out with them was such a joy!