Livermore Proposal

There are fewer more memorable moments in you life than the where he gets down on one knee, and with the simple phrase “yes” you go from dating to engaged!! Proposals are hands down one of my favorite things to photograph, they’re so magical, so full of emotion and so exciting! Clint contacted me wanting to take some photos of the moment he planned to propose to his girlfriend Jen, and I was all in from the beginning. We threw different venues and ideas around, and finally he decided on this spot, which was nothing short of gorgeous on the night he popped the question. Jen thought they were going out to dinner, but he had other plans. They walked along the dirt path up to the spot, all the while he was playing a playlist of love songs on his phone. (does it get any better than this??) They sat on a bench looking at the gorgeous hills that surrounded, and slowly he guided her over to the other side of the hill, spun her around and got down on one knee. She said yes, of course and they celebrated with a little mini photo session following! I’m so honored that I was there to capture this moment, I know their Livermore hilltop proposal will be cherished forever in the memories and i’m thrilled Clint thought ahead of time to have me there to photograph it! Congrats J+C!! XO

Livermore Proposal Photographer_0001.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0002.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0004.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0005.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0006.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0008.jpg
Livermore Proposal Photographer_0007.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0009.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0010.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0012.jpg Livermore Proposal Photographer_0011.jpg
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