I used to be absolutely terrible at balancing life and work as a film family photographer. Somehow work would always infiltrate into my regular life. Whether it was checking emails, logging into my business Instagram account, or even just thinking about what work needed to be done. But a while back I started to really strive for a balance between the two. And I’m happy to say that I have found it. 

Periodically we take time away on trips as a family, or even just my husband and I. And during those times I have some pretty strict rules for what I do and what I don’t do. Below you can read more about my Do’s and Don’ts for that time away; and how it really helps me to truly rest during these trips and vacations. (Well, rest as much as I can with two kiddos in tow). 


-I logout of social media. And don’t check it for the entire trip. In order to do this: I log out of the app itself, and move it to another folder on my iphone or I hide the app on my home screen. This step is crucial so that it is not even accessible.. Especially if you’re like me and you unconsciously logs into an app on without knowing it.

-I don’t check my email. In the past I’ve set up an out of office email responder, but recently I kind of just log out and know that I’ll respond to emails when I get back home. 

-I think about anything else I don’t want to do during that trip… Fore example: recently we went on a vacation and I didn’t check the Zillow app. It was something I was doing often, and something that was discouraging to me, so I just wanted some time away from it. (I have now actually deleted the zillow app because of the same reasons) 


There’s not a whole lot of “Do’s” that I have during these times away, but one thing that I am intentional about is just being where I am. Without being on my phone I tend to just use it to take photos. I always end up so refreshed and recharged by stepping away from work for a little bit. I have extra time to play with my kids, relax and read, dream, think, and just be. Something I’m craving more and more of these days. 

When I finally do get back, I really think about how I want to step back into work. For example this past week we got to spend a wonderful few days away camping at the Coast. I didn’t even reach for my phone on the way home to check my email, and honestly waited two days to do so. I wanted to re-enter normal life slowly, and didn’t want to check emails until I actually had time to respond to them. As for social media, I still haven’t logged in… Just taking my time to slowly get back into the swing of things, and knowing that it’s OK to take my time and extend time away from some of these things if necessary.


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