I’m chuckling to myself a little bit while writing this education for family photographers blog post. Mostly because it seems a little bit hypocritical, if I’m being honest. I have not been the best at staying on top of blogging this past year. Life just took over and it fell to the wayside. But that’s not to say that I haven’t been on top of it in the past, or won’t be on top of it in the future. Blogging is something I always come back to to build my business and boost my SEO. So today I’m sharing some tips with you for your own blogging journey. Tips that I will actually be starting to practice myself today.

1. Create a game plan
Like any endeavor that you’re looking at being more consistent with, you know that you need a game plan. And blogging is no different. Will you be publishing posts weekly? Monthly? Daily? I always suggest you write out your game plan and plan out posts ahead of time. I personally like to use Google Sheets to do this.

2. Draft, perfect, and schedule!

I go about prepping all my blog us in the same manner. This way I know it’s predictable and I have a flow that I can work though. First, I choose my favorite photos from a session and export them into a folder where they are sized just for the web. I also write up in Google Docs a rough draft for the blog post itself. I go back and link anything I need to in it as well as fix any grammar or typos. Then I go ahead and drop both of those things into the blogging interface on my website, and schedule it at a time to post. This last one is really important! You can have months and months of blogging content all complete and they will just auto post for you.

3. Do it in batches.

I mentioned this before, but batching work, especially blog posts, is super helpful. It helps you to be  efficient in doing what can sometimes be a time consuming task. I like to set aside some days where I will just prep all the photos for multiple blogs, or days where I will just sit and write multiple blog posts. I find it easier to batch work, then to individually plan every single blog post one by one. Once I’m in the zone of writing or choosing photos, it’s easy to just continue with the same type of task.. It really does save me a lot of time, and mental energy, to batch things. For example, today I wrote three blog posts. I sat down and wrote all them, and another day I’ll go ahead and prep all the photos for them.

There you have it, hopefully this blog post was helpful! If you want to know more about logging and how you’re in my business check out these to post below.


Rachel Howden Photography is a photography mentor in the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in family, newborn, baby, motherhood, and maternity photography in the Bay Area. Including Livermore, Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Jose, Fremont, and Pleasanton. Mentorships are not limited to being in person and can be done virtually as well. This post focuses on Rachel for providing education for family photographers. Rachel loves helping other photographers learn film photography, balancing motherhood and business, and finding your why and purpose in your business. She helps photographers build rhythms and techniques to have a successful business filled with contentment and joy (and profit, of course). 

This post helps you to have a little sneak peek into what you will receive if you have me as your photography coach. If you want to learn more about what a mentorship and coaching session looks like, you can find out more about it On This Page.

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