These past few weeks i’ve found myself with more time than usual, and some of that time i’ve been setting aside to get stuff done in my business. Although I really wish that time was being spent as a family photographer, it’s just not the reality right now.  Sure, this time could have been used to nap, catch up on This Is Us, or read books on the Kindle I recently splurged on (and let’s be honest, I have been doing a lot of those things!) From experience though, I know that the time is well spent when pouring into my business so that’s what i’m doing! I know by doing this my future self will thank me, because these simple things really are a big help for a bay area family photographer. So, here’s the first 5 things you can do for your business when you have a little downtime. 

1- Batch Plan
Lately, i’ve been all about the blogging! So it’s not a surprise that i’ve been using downtime to write and plan blog posts. I’ve also been using it to make a list of all of the future blog posts I want to write. Maybe you don’t have a business that benefits from blogging (although if you have a website than you actually do..). But you can batch plan instagram posts and captions too, I use Later for that and love it!
2- Think of goals for this upcoming year / quarter

Maybe you already have a list of goals, but when was the last time you looked at it and gauged where you are at with them? Or you could be like me and you decided not to make any goals for this year, because you have a babe on the way and know you’ll be pregnant for the first half of the year, and then in newborn land for the last half. All this extra time has me wanting to make some goals though, so I’ve been mulling some over and will put them to paper soon. 

3- Submit work to be published

This is something I never get around to doing. It’s a mix of me just not having the time to do it. More so I think it’s just hesitancy that my work isn’t good enough to be published on a blog. Downtime allows me to prep sessions to be featured, and i’ve been reminding myself that the worst they can say is “no” and that’s okay with me! P.S. One of my photos DID get featured on a Motherhood Anthology post, check it out here. 🙂 

4- Educate

Use extra time to learn something new you’ve been wanting to dive into. You can buy an online class from a favorite artist and then go through it at your own pace. You might even have an online class from years ago that you could still glean from, I guarantee if you went through it again you’d take away something entirely new! 

5- Let yourself be bored and daydream

The other day I was out for a walk and I decided to listen to the Work and Play podcast about how beneficial boredom can be. Just being still and letting your mind wander can help you come up with amazing ideas. This is especially important with the previously mentioned goals, being bored helps me think of new goals. It also has been helping me to think of how I want to structure my maternity leave later this year and what I want business to look like once i’m a mama of two! 🙂

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog, and in the meantime, I hope you can implement some of these things into your business with the downtime you have! 


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