San Francisco Wedding Photographer  Napa Wedding PhotographerHi there, I’m Rachel.

I could tell you how my love for photography first sprouted while working in a darkroom when I was a Senior in high school, or how that summer I shot my very first wedding, but I’m pretty sure that’s not why you’re here. You most likely stumbled upon this page to get to know me, so here’s a little peek into my life:

I dream of owning a English Bulldog that’s right, an English Bulldog and I plan to name him Goliath. I believe life is way too short to have neutral colored furniture. I am quirky, short, and I really do put my whole self into whatever it is I am doing, such as: photographing your wedding, training for a half-marathon, or my latest Pinterest undertaking. I love girlie dresses, cold brew coffee, baking, and my stud of a husband Spence. I love that look on the grooms face when he see’s his bride for the very first time, and the glow that every couple has when they walk down the aisle after they’ve been announced as husband and wife.  Last but certainly not least; I love people that are madly in love.

On an even more personal note, I married my forever love in May of 2014. Because of that, I have both knowledge and experience in the entire process of securing a totally bomb wedding photographer for your special day! I know exactly what it is like to have a photographer interact with you and your friends and family, on one of the most important days of your life. I count it a privilege to not only be a part of the biggest party you’ll ever throw, but to be able to be up-front and center for all the little details that will unravel. That’s why I strive to make sure you adequately trust me to capture amazing photos, and to make your wedding day as stress free and fun as possible!

I really do appreciate you stopping by to learn more about me…so now it’s my turn to get to know you! Send me an email and let’s chat!